Annual Fund

Next Level Excellence

Your support of the Next Level Excellence will provide funding to ensure excellence and continual improvement of our students’ educational experience:

  • Advance the vision and initiatives presented in strategic planning

  • Strengthen the programs that the school offers

  • Improve access for more students to have the opportunity to attend Compass while maintaining our excellent culture

Join Us In Helping Our Students Soar As They Reach New Heights


Aviator – $2,000+

Pilot – $500-$1,999

Flyer – $25-$499

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Compass Supporters,

To help take advantage of your generosity to Compass, some businesses have a matching gift program available to their employees.  If you are employed with a company that provides matching donations for the gifts that you give to charities, we would be happy to help you and your employer set this up. This will help Compass continue to grow and meet the needs of our students.  Thank you so much for your support of Compass.