Our School Handbook is a wonderful resource for many questions. Please read through it to get answers to most of your questions.

What are the school hours?

The first Wednesday of the month will be a remote learning day for all students.

K-5th GradeStartRelease
Monday-Friday8:50 am3:30 pm

* Drop-off begins at 8:30 am

6th-12th GradeStartRelease
Monday-Friday7:40 am2:30 pm

* Drop-off begins at 7:20 am

How can I view the school calendar?

The school calendar is here. Please make your best effort to schedule vacations and trips during our school breaks.

How can I pay for lunches, spirit wear, yearbooks, sports, passes, parking, etc?

We use MySchoolBucks as our online payment processor. All payments need to be made through MySchoolBucks.

*Please note that school lunches are no longer free. Students are expected to keep a positive lunch balance in order to get lunch.

How can I speak with/meet with administration or the teacher?

Please visit our website staff page for the email addresses of our staff to request a meeting or a phone call.

How can I get a Transcript or Letter of Compliance for drivers education?

Please visit the Parents > Forms page on our website to request a copy of your transcript or for a letter of compliance for driver's education. Please allow at least 1 business day for your request to be completed. 


Does Compass charge tuition?

No. Compass is a public charter school with no fee to attend.

What is the difference between a “traditional” school and a charter school?

A charter school is founded by parents (in most cases) who are looking for something different than what the traditional public schools have to offer. Charter schools usually have a specific focus for their educational program. The focus at Compass is kindness and high academic and behavior expectations.

Do you have any sports programs?

Yes! We do provide sports opportunities for our middle and high school students. Due to the limitations of the facility, we are only able to provide:
Girls volleyball, boys & girls basketball, golf, & cross-country.
We play in the Western Idaho Conference and are members of the Idaho High School Athletic Association as a 2A school. We encourage our students who are interested in other sports to contact their “assigned” public school to ask about their sports program. Several Compass families have been successful with this approach.

Visit our Athletics/Activities page for more information.

Are you part of the West Ada School District?

NO. Compass Public Charter School’s charter was authorized by the Idaho State Public Charter School Commission. They have oversight of our program and we function as our own LEA (Local Education Agency). This means we are our own school district and are recognized as such by the State Department of Education.

Does Compass have special education or student services for those with IEP's or 504's?
Compass Public Charter School has a special education program enabling us to write Section 504 Plans and IEP's for students who meet eligibility criteria. The support model at Compass is typically a "push in" model with students receiving support services and accommodations in the general education setting instead of in a self contained class or resource room.   
As a public school, Compass recognizes existing Section 504 Plans and IEP's from other schools. However, student needs may vary in our structured school environment and plans may be updated accordingly.
What elementary specials do you offer?

Students in grades K-5 participate in some of the following specials:


Specials are subject to change each year based on staff and student need.


How does pick-up/drop-off work?

Students can be dropped off as early as 7:20 (secondary, 6-12) and 8:30 (elementary, K-5). School starts promptly at 7:40 (6th-12th) and 8:50 (K-5th). We strongly encourage you to fill out a bus form for your student. You can see more information on transportation/busing here. A copy of the Traffic Flow Map will also prove useful. Drop-off/pick-up generally takes 15 minutes.

Do you offer busing?

Please see our Transportation Page for information about busing. Please plan on 5 business days for your form to be processed by Brown Bus Company and your student to be placed on the bus roster. Brown Bus kindly asks that you review the routes and stops on their website and choose the stop that is best for your rider(s). If you have questions regarding busing, please contact Brown Bus Company.

What if we need a change in transportation?

Call the school at least 30 minutes before school gets out. Changes in transportation cannot be taken after 2 pm for secondary & 3pm for elementary. We need enough time for staff to communicate the change with your student.

  • To Take A Different Bus or Different Stop: Students must be a current bus rider and have a Request for Alternate Transportation Form to ride a different bus or get off at a different bus stop. The form needs to be submitted at least two days in advance.
  • To Ride With Someone Different or Walk: Without a parent phone call, your student will be sent home according to their usual routine.
  • Please make sure your student knows how they are getting home each day. This is especially important for K-5 students and if your student has a different schedule each day (ie: Grandparents house on Mondays, Bus on Tuesday and Thursday, Parent Pick-up on Wednesday and Walk on Friday). Please use this tag and attach it to your student’s backpack. This assists us in helping your student remember their plan.
What if I need to pick my child up for an appointment during school?
  • It is helpful if you call the school in the morning. Students have varying schedules and when we have advance notice, we can look up ahead of time where your student may be. 
  • Students are not called out of class until a parent arrives on campus. Please allow adequate time (5 minutes) for us to scan your ID, find your student and give them time to walk to the office.
  • Parents MUST bring in their identification each time they are checking students out.
  • If you are checking your student out for a professional appointment (Dr, Dentist, therapy, etc.), it is helpful if you get a note from their office for us to add to their attendance file.
What building safety measures does Compass have?

In the morning, when students are entering the building staff are present at the front doors. After arrival, all of the exterior doors lock except the door to the main office. The breezeway door from the main office into the school building is locked at all times. 

When an adult (parent, visitor, volunteer, vendor, maintenance, etc.) comes to the school they are required to present a driver's license which is scanned into a safety program we use called 'Raptor.' Raptor runs each ID through a background check. If a student is being checked out, the adult's ID is matched to the student's contact list in order for them to pick up a child.
All staff are fingerprinted and run through a background check before they begin work at the school.
We have an SRO (School Resource Officer) who comes by the school periodically and is available to our administrators.
Students and staff practice fire drills and lock down drills during the school year.


What if my child gets sick at school?

We do NOT  have a school nurse. Office staff are not medically trained and are not qualified to offer medical advice. Your child or their teacher may call you from the classroom if the teacher thinks they are ill.
If your student feels ill, they will have their temperature taken and be told to use the bathroom and get a drink of water. If the student has a temperature or has vomited, you will be called and your student will need to be picked up from school.
Your child will need to go home if they…

  • Have a fever of 100° or more
  • Have vomited or had diarrhea
  • Exhibit symptoms of a contagious illness like chickenpox, lice, pink eye, etc.
  • Sustain an injury which requires parental attention and monitoring

We do not give medications at school unless a parent has brought in medication and filled out the appropriate forms located here.

What if my child will be absent or late?

Please report your child’s absence by 10am. Call the attendance line and leave a message: 208-888-5847

Parents must call and report an absence within 48 hours or the absence will be marked as a truancy.

What is your attendance policy?

We have a 96% attendance expectation. Please review our attendance policy here.


How old does my child need to be to start Kindergarten?

Your child needs to be age five by September 1. We do not do placement testing for students younger than five.

Is Kindergarten a half-day or full-day?

We were awarded a generous grant allowing us to provide full-time, tuition free kindergarten. We do not offer a half-day option.


Forgotten Items

If your student has forgotten an item at home (lunch, homework, PE shoes, jacket), please use the Love and Logic method and allow them the opportunity to learn from their mistake. 


We will not be allowing visitors to come in to have lunch with their students. Parents will not be allowed to walk their students to the classroom. Drop off will take place outside of the school entrance.


If your student has been directly exposed to COVID or tested positive, please keep them home until they are symptom free for 24 hours.

How are you structuring your days/weeks?

K-12 students are currently attending school in person 5 days a week.

How does remote learning work for students that are quarantining?

-Your student can expect to have 4 hours per core subject a week of online school work while attending school online. The academic expectations of Compass don’t end when students are online at home.

-If your student is home ill, they need to email their teachers and communicate with them that they need remote learning materials.

What are the face covering requirements?

Face coverings or a face shield are not required. If your student would like to wear one they will need to provide their own.


As a charter school, Compass must follow the state law of holding a lottery for student enrollment.

Please visit our Enrollment Application page to apply for the current year’s waiting list and/or the upcoming year’s lottery.

Please visit our Enrollment Process page for further information.

Do I need to reapply every year for the lottery?

If you are a current student, no. You will only need to fill out the registration forms that are released in the spring for the upcoming school year. You will receive an email with that information.

If you were not selected in the lottery in previous years, you will need to fill out an application each year until you are selected and begin attending. Applications are cleared out each year, so you will need to apply each year.

If you have current students at Compass but would like to apply for a sibling that has never attended Compass (ie: Kindergarten), you must fill out the application.

What are our chances of being selected?

No one can predict what our numbers will be each year. Priority is given to certain groups. Please see our Enrollment Process page for those priorities. You always improve your chances for getting in when you submit an application. Chances are all based on the number of openings available in that class, the number siblings, the number of applicants for the grade level, etc. There are many things that play into what your chances are. Don’t let the idea that you won’t have a chance deter you from applying!

How does the A/B Day schedule work?

Secondary students (grades 7-12) are assigned 8 classes. They attend 4 classes on A Day and the remaining 4 classes on B day. They alternate every other day.

Will someone be able to show my student around on their first day?

Yes. Students are assigned a 'buddy' by our counseling department that hangs out with them and shows them around.

What are your class sizes?

Please see our Enrollment Process page and see our class caps at the bottom of the page. 

School Contact Information




Monday – Friday

7:20 am

4:00 pm

Compass Public Charter School
4667 W. Aviator St.
Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: 208-888-5847

Fax: 208-895-0219

Email: secretary@compasscharter.org

Office Manager, Celeste Grover: cgrover@compasscharter.org

Secretary, Darlene Travis: dtravis@compasscharter.org

Registrar, Jodi Schultz: registrar@compasscharter.org