Why Compass?

Compass was founded in 2005 by a group of parents who were looking for something different than what traditional public school offered. The focus for the educational program was established on kindness, positive school culture, and high academic expectations. Since its inception, the school has grown from 275 students to over 1200 students. In spite of the growth, Compass has continued to be successful both academically and culturally due to its exceptional teachers and leadership.

Math Proficient or Advanced

    • Compass Charter School75%
    • Neighboring District67%
    • '20 in 10' Cohort55%
    • State Average53%

    ELA Proficient or Advanced

      • Compass Charter School83%
      • Neighboring District74%
      • '20 in 10' Cohort66%
      • State Average64%

      Meeting College Readiness

        • Compass Charter School84%
        • Neighboring District41%
        • State Average31%