School Stats


Compass was founded in 2005 by a group of parents who were looking for something different than what traditional public school offered. The focus for the educational program was established on kindness, positive school culture, and high academic expectations. Since its inception, the school has grown from 275 students to nearly 900 students. In spite of the growth, Compass has continued to be successful both academically and culturally due to its exceptional teachers and leadership.

Compass Charter School 74.3%
Neighboring District 67.2%
'20 in 10' Cohort 55%
State Average 53.8%
Compass Charter School 83.1%
Neighboring District 74.9%
'20 in 10' Cohort 66%
State Average 64.4%
Meeting College Readiness Benchmarks
Compass Charter School 84.1%
Neighboring District 41.4%
State Average 31.2%


What Students Appreciate about Compass Charter School

Academic Focus

Teachers use questions in class to challenge students

Teachers are prepared and know their material

Teachers display a love for teaching

Teachers use a variety of teaching styles

Students feel comfortable asking questions

There is a trusting environment

Students are comfortable going to teachers for help

Teachers and students respect one another

What Parents Appreciate about Compass Charter School

I love the respect for the teachers and the learning environment.

The fast-paced learning, personal responsibility teachings, and principle-based atmosphere.

Clear Expectations, positive atmosphere and encouragement, the teachers and administration.

Character expectations as well as academic expectations combined with growth mindset objectives.

Great teachers and staff, great program, great student expectations and character training.

My children are pressed to learn more instead of being expected to stay with the state established grade level learning.

The small size of the school... knowing a lot of the families... feel like the teachers really get to know the students. Opportunities for academic excellence.

The culture and love that staff have for each student.

The small size, character guidelines and challenging curriculum stand out. I am thrilled that so many people are God centered. Open communication and discussion is appreciated.