Transportation to and from Compass Public Charter School and Compass Honors High School is provided by Brown Bus Company.

If you are considering using bus transportation, please take a moment to read the welcome letter found at the right, from our transportation provider, Brown Bus Company.

Then if you would like your child(ren) to ride the bus, you will need to complete the Transportation Form. Your child(ren) will not be able to ride the bus until this form is filled out, submitted to the school office, and forwarded to Brown Bus Company. A transportation form is only needed for students who have never used Brown Bus for transportation. If your student used to ride a Compass bus, but has gone several months without riding, please call Brown Bus Company if you would like to have your child placed on a bus roster.

Need bus transportation?

Choose the Correct form below, download the form, fill out the form using Adobe Reader (most internet browsers will open downloads using an App in a new windows tab on your internet browser), then click submit.  Once you select submit, you will need to follow the prompts to send email though your webmail account.  To help with this, we have provided detailed instructions.

Bus Form for 1st-12th Grade

Bus Form for Kindergarten

Brown Bus Welcome Letter

Request For Alternate Bus Transportation

K-5 Elementary Student Dismissal Tag

Submit one bus form per student:

If you have questions please email Mrs. Grover