Stepping on the campus of Compass Public Charter School, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies are dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence.


Cordero, GregSecondary Vice
Luke, SusanElementary
Strickler, ScottElementary Vice
Trudeau, KellyCharter Administrator/ Secondary



NameTitle Email
Barnes, PatriciaSecondary
Nagy, AmandaCareer Counselor –
Metcalf, JamieCounselor


Administrative Assistants

NameTitle Email
Grover, CelesteElementary


Support Staff

NameTitle Email
Folk, JoshIT
Long, WendyNutrition Services
Stover, CindyBusiness
Toledo, DaveFacilities
Sklar, Dallas

Elementary Teachers

NameTitle Email
Cooper, MarenThird
Cordero, DebbieSecond
Guiza, SarahFirst
Herrell, JaquieComputers
Kern, JenniferFifth
Ketelsleger, SaraFirst
LaBerteaux, KimFourth
Leavitt, BeckyComputers
Looney, AshleighSecond
Mullins, LoriSecond
Nielsen, CristaFifth
Ohana, JessicaFourth
O’Leary, TonyaSecond
Reynolds, NicholeFifth
Rice, AletheaFourth
Self, KimberlyThird
Skordas, PaulaFirst
Tom, HaileyThird
Tomlinson, RebeccaThird
Walgamott, KarryFourth
Wood, CourtneyThird
Valadez, KimberlyPE (K-2)
Wise, AmberFifth Grade
Highley, JanineKindergarten
Juarez, AlexisThird Grade
Bermingham, ElisabethFirst Grade


Elementary Instructional Support Staff

Bingaman, BrandiEducational Assistant
Hadley, TiaEducational Assistant
Herrmann, KimEducational Assistant
Hipwell, DanielleEducational Assistant
Irish, JuleeEducational Assistant
Johnson, MichaleaEducational Assistant
Medina, AmberEducational Assistant
Safley, MandyEducational Assistant
Travis, DarleneEducational Assistant
Young, AmandaEducational Assistant

Teachers 6-12

NameTitle Email
Allen, AnneH.S. Theater &
Alvarado, MarvinSTEM Engineering &
Balliett, Michelle7th & 8th
Blessing, BenBand &
Bowen, Leslie6th English &
Costley, EmilieH.S. Business &
Gatfield, ErinH.S.
Grade, Brianna7th & 9th
Gregg, LinetteH.S.
Holloway, SarahH.S.
Huff, Larissa7th & 9th
Jacob, RicH.S.
Leach, LeslieM.S.
Lechner, TonyLife
Long, WendyChemistry & Food
Moulder, CyrusSTEM & M.S.
Mullins, DavidM.S.
O’Leary, Ryan8th & 10th Englishro’
Olsen, TawnyH.S.
Plum, GingerH.S. Health &
Trudeau, Jake6th PE &
Tschikof, Ann6th
Quirarte, KatieMath
Reeder, JoshScience
Stevens, MelissaEnglish
Twitty, RebeccaEnglish
Gary TaylorCWI Teacher

Instructional Support Staff 6-12


Special Education Faculty

NameTitle Email
Higgins, AlyssaSpecial Education Director
Mart, JeniferSpeech & Language Pathologist
Bonine, JustinaParaprofessional
Driscoll, MichaelParaprofessional
Geisler, LisaParaprofessional
Hettinger, MelissaParaprofessional
Marlatt, TeriParaprofessional
Scarborough, KayParaprofessional

Nutrition Services

NameTitle Email
Long, WendyNutrition Services
Lechner, KristinaKitchen Manager
MagLaughlin, PhoenixKitchen Manager
Burns, PatriciaFood Service
Erpenbach, AalisaFood Service
Wachter, SueFood Service
White, AmberFood Service