Our Mission

Compass Public Charter School’s Mission is to provide a safe and challenging learning community that prepares students for life long excellence through exceptional academics, character development, and the ability to define and defend a personal worldview.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Compass is to foster a learning community built on relationships and trust where students feel physically and emotionally secure to pursue a challenging education and excel beyond expectations.

Educational Program

Compass’ mission and philosophy are founded on the premise that when students are schooled in a safe and comfortable environment with rigorous and relevant learning opportunities, they will achieve excellence. Therefore, our educational program focuses on two main areas that encompass this belief.

Academic : Compass will…

  • Implement the Understanding by Design framework to ensure performance-based learning, which requires students to demonstrate mastery based on high, clear, and commonly-shared expectations .

  • Provide students with opportunities to enroll in courses for concurrent college credits.

  • Provide a learning environment designed for the Next Generation Learner, including:

    • A technology-rich learning environment

    • Constructive learning experiences through both the geographic and the Internet-connected community

    • Personalized learning based on data-driven goals for instruction

    • Curriculum and instruction to encourage students to make real-world connections


Culture: Compass will…

    • Offer opportunities for students to develop professional work skills through in-school and community-based service and apprenticeships.

    • Encourage students to develop self-discipline and take responsibility for their own behavior through implementation of Love and Logic’s One School Rule.

    • Support students in their learning and demonstration of strong character traits. Compass also acknowledges their success through regular self-evaluation and school-wide recognition.

    • Help students to cultivate their authentic student voice through leadership opportunities.

    • Value parents as partners in their students’ education.


For more information about Compass Public Charter School and other Idaho schools, please visit: https://idahoschools.org/