Plan to reopening 2020-2021

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July 18, 2020

Plan to reopening 2020-2021

Compass Families,

Click on the links (underlined words highlighted in blue) to read Compass’ Path to Reopening and the Beginning of the Year Newsletter. As Compass is not a part of the West Ada School District, our reopening plan is different. Therefore, we hope you will take the time to read the plan in its entirety. Here are just a few of the critical points you should be aware of:

  1. The current plan is to have all students return to school following the traditional instructional model with enhanced safety protocols in place.
  2. Enhanced safety protocols include students wearing face coverings/masks on the bus, in some specials/elective classes, and in the hallways.
  3. The decision tree for determining our instructional mode (as outlined on page 4 of the plan), is largely determined by the local health district. In spite of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, the local health district still considers our community spread to be minimal/moderate (yellow column). However, conditions with the virus are fluid which means our fall plan as stated in #1, could change prior to the start of the school year. We will alert families if this occurs.
  4. Compass will only be offering one instructional mode at a time, either traditional or hybrid. As a small district, we do not have the personnel or resources to offer multiple instructional models at one time. Compass is a school of choice, therefore, parents who feel an online only option would be best for their child should seek this opportunity either through their home boundary public school or through one of the many online charter school options.
  5. There is a staggered dismissal schedule (see page 8-9 of the plan). This will allow for physical distancing as well as prevent vehicles from getting backed up on to Black Cat Road. We ask that parents/guardians do their best to follow the pick-up schedule (also review the traffic flow map in Beginning of the Year Newsletter).
  6. In keeping with our “Three Legged Stool” philosophy, we ask parents to partner with Compass and Central District Health in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining our communities’ health by conducting daily screening of their child(ren). Daily screening criteria:
    1. If you can Answer “no” to the following questions, your child may attend school today:
      1. Has your child had a fever of 100.0 or higher in the last 2 days?
      2. Does your child have any of the following symptoms today?
        1. Cough (unrelated to known asthma or allergies)
        2. Shortness of breath or Difficulty Breathing
        3. Chills or Shaking with Chills
        4. Sore Throat or Congestion/Runny Nose
        5. Nausea/Vomiting or Diarrhea
        6. Body Ache & Muscle Pain
        7. Fatigue or Headache
        8. Loss of smell or taste
    2. If your child has the above symptoms, is tested for COVID-19 or has a known exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that parents complete the online self-reporting form.

Beginning of the Year Updates

Please review the full newsletter for important updates to the 2020-2021 school year. Here are some additional details:

  • First day of school is Tuesday, September 8. 1-5 8:50-3:30, 6-12 7:40-2:30. Kindergarten Training/Start Schedule: The first week of school will focus on learning routines with only half of each Kindergarten class attending each day.
    • Last Name A-L: Attends Tuesday, Sept. 8 and Thursday, Sept. 10 from 8:50-3:30
    • Last Name M-Z: Attends Wednesday, Sept. 9 and Friday, Sept. 11 from 8:50-3:30
  • Our Back to School Picnic scheduled in August is being rescheduled to the end of the year as an “End of the Year Picnic”.
  • Teacher assignments for elementary grades K-5 will be available beginning August 31. You can use your parent login to PowerSchool to view your child’s Homeroom teacher/schedule.
  • 6-12 schedules will be ready and available on the student page of PowerSchool on August 31.
  • First Day of School-Parent Involvement – we understand that students in the primary grades (K-2) are often reluctant to come to a new school/classroom on day one. Therefore, we will make an exception to our “Visitor Protocol” as outlined in the reopening plan and the Beginning of the Year Newsletter on day one. Parents who accompany their student to the classroom will be required to wear a mask. Please help to set your child up for success by beginning to have the conversation now about coming into the building on their own after day one.
  • Our website is getting a fresh new look and should be ready by next week (July 20). Be sure to check it out!
  • School supply lists are posted now on the school website.
  • Parking passes are being sold on a first come first serve basis to seniors and juniors through My Schoolbucks starting Monday, July 20.
  • Watch your email and the school website for training resources related to:
    • When a child should stay home sick
    • Face coverings/masks
    • Physical distancing
    • Good hygiene practices
    • Non-physical greetings/goodbyes

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