Nutrition Student Account Information


We require all families to sign up for and set up an e-mail alert regarding their student’s nutrition balance. This does not cost any money. This is how you will have access to your student’s account balance, what they have purchased and the day they purchased it.
We will not be alerting the students to their balance. It is up to you to check their balance on If you experience difficulties, feel free to contact Mrs. Long by e-mail with any questions.

Students will be fed regardless of funds. Every effort will be made to collect payment from parent or guardian. Including e-mail, phone call, texts, and withholding of yearbook. If you have any further questions please click on the Meal Charge Policy.

If there is a special circumstance, in which you do not want your child to receive a breakfast or lunch, you must submit this request in writing to a member of the Compass administration team. It will then be forwarded to the Food Service Director.