Charter schools in the State of Idaho receive limited funding for costs beyond staffing and basic operational requirements. Compass continues to rely on the generosity of stakeholders and others to meet specific needs.Two areas have been identified where need exists, but current levels of state funding are not sufficient.

Program Enrichment Donations

Compass is proud of the high quality free public education we offer. We understand that students and teachers can benefit from programs that go beyond basic classes, so Compass has started the Program Enrichment Fund that will support several programs through a donation system. These funds will go toward educating students in and out of the classroom through the various initiatives listed below. We are recommending a donation of a $25 per student. By supporting these initiatives our already successful program, we will continue to advance our student achievement and teacher satisfaction.

Current Enrichment Projects:
Teacher Recruitment and Support
Middle School and High School Elective Classes
Educational Field Trips
Art Classes
Science Labs
Stem Classes
Music Classes
Guest Speakers

Goal: $25000

Compass Charter Capital Campaign

We are in the beginning of the design stage of our New Building. Please consider making a monthly donation to our capital campaign.

Tax Credit

*Idaho provides a tax credit for donations to schools. This tax credit is in addition to any advantages you receive from itemizing your deductions. Once you figure your tax bill to the State of Idaho, a $2000 donation may be used to reduce that bill by up to $1000 (joint return) or 50% of the donation, whichever is less. For someone filing a single return, a $1000 donation may be used to reduce a tax bill by up to $500 or 50% of the donation, whichever is less. Depending on your joint filing tax bracket and your itemized deductions, donating $2000 could cost you as little as $350 out of pocket. Please consult a tax professional for clarification.